iOS 15 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!

The best iOS 15 Features, coming to an iPhone near you!
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0:00 Intro
1:02 Redesigned apps
2:56 Facetime features
5:31 Live Text
7:07 Notifications
8:13 Focus Modes
10:15 Other Stuff + Conclusions

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    TARUN MAHAJANPrije sat

    Why Siri can’t tell time without internet still in iOS 15

  2. Beau

    BeauPrije 6 sati

    I hope they fix the Bluetooth b/c ios14 Bluetooth has been trash.

  3. רון ויטאן

    רון ויטאןPrije 10 sati

    this ios 14.7.1

  4. Pedrinni

    PedrinniPrije 10 sati

    When will it be launched?


    SKYBRIGHTPrije 10 sati

    i am watching this video with my iphone 6s plus 16gb ios 13.6 😂

  6. Donny Sensat

    Donny SensatPrije 11 sati

    I just came across your videos and I really enjoy listening to them. I subscribed and look forward to more videos.

  7. vincent Langwane

    vincent LangwanePrije 14 sati

    Can i have the iphone you are holding 🤧

  8. sri

    sriPrije 15 sati

    Will it have the unique feature of slowing down old phones for better battery performance?

  9. Luca Lolaico

    Luca LolaicoPrije 15 sati

    Serious question now, what breed is that cat actually?

  10. Robbie B W

    Robbie B WPrije 19 sati

    iOS 15 literally is just iOS 14.8.

  11. Akam O.

    Akam O.Prije 21 sat

    I'll wait for iphone 30

  12. Chakraa

    ChakraaPrije 22 sati

    wolfram? looking up oracles for cardano aye? lol

  13. Ooh Siney

    Ooh SineyPrije dan

    me still running ios 14 why

  14. Kunal Gahala

    Kunal GahalaPrije dan

    I support android!!!

  15. Dimas Chandra Lukita

    Dimas Chandra LukitaPrije dan


  16. Krm Velso

    Krm VelsoPrije dan

    One Focus mode only for when u are with your girl

  17. Arun Chib

    Arun ChibPrije dan

    hah!! No unique Feature, everything same n boring.

  18. Tio Riff

    Tio RiffPrije dan

    Did anyone notice tic tok app in his mobile?

  19. Pyralis

    PyralisPrije 2 dana

    Dang I just got the beta (cuz I forgot to actually install it after getting the profile lol) and man those little changes are what you notice. Feels real good so far!

  20. Super Taehyung

    Super TaehyungPrije 2 dana

    Omg why my iph12pro not updating to ios 15

  21. Blacksmith SOG

    Blacksmith SOGPrije 2 dana

    Typing the time for the alarm has been there for a while now

  22. Wies Verbeke

    Wies VerbekePrije 2 dana

    damn still going with the iphone 4s, hoping it gets ios69

  23. Feeling Goood

    Feeling GooodPrije 2 dana

    Change your channel name to MKBHD APPLE

  24. The bedrock player

    The bedrock playerPrije 2 dana

    Who else saw the video then thought it said iPhone 15...

  25. Ankit Sareen

    Ankit SareenPrije 2 dana

    Waiting in India for the update as usual. 😵‍💫

  26. Quinxyok

    QuinxyokPrije 2 dana

    Can iPhone 7 get iOS 15

  27. ステハゲ内閣総理大臣

    ステハゲ内閣総理大臣Prije 2 dana

    Samsung is best phone

  28. MR B DOG…

    MR B DOG…Prije 2 dana

    Same as all Apple updates, most users won’t use most new stuff, or will barely notice any change from previous versions. Just focus on the main features we all use most Apple.

  29. Luis Castro

    Luis CastroPrije 2 dana

    Shoutout to linustechtips for that Skillshare segway.

  30. BMD7

    BMD7Prije 2 dana

    I had an issue with IOS 15 beta when my WhatsApp would crash and not open, Did this also happen to you?

  31. Astral Police

    Astral PolicePrije 2 dana


  32. JORO55_08

    JORO55_08Prije 3 dana

    How rare are you? No1. Left hand writer No2. Always won on games No3. Running iOS 15

  33. Ahmad Istaitih

    Ahmad IstaitihPrije 3 dana

    عالعافية ابو المركس, بدك شغيلة لشهر 9, بقبل باي معاش

  34. don't check my youtube channel

    don't check my youtube channelPrije 3 dana

    LOL.... I have all this features in my 'ONE PLUS 6' haha ....title of any Iphone event or review should be just display its company name as 'IPHONE'......people will buy doesnt matter how lame the phone is!

  35. Bailey Klingener

    Bailey KlingenerPrije 3 dana

    6:01 🤯🤯🤯 - People in college taking pictures of other peoples notes

  36. llll

    llllPrije 3 dana

    How long are we gonna keep allowing Apple to fuck us

  37. emre

    emrePrije 3 dana

    When is it releasing

  38. His Shadow

    His ShadowPrije 3 dana

    Great video. You are correct, focus modes is amazing. It’s perfect for people with two lines on their phone.

  39. Natalie Zorrilla

    Natalie ZorrillaPrije 3 dana

    My biggest question is, will IOS 15 allow you to completly remove the docket on homescreen? IOS 14 allowed to remove all apps but that stupid grey box remained no matter what you tried to do. Will the IOS 15 finally allow you to remove that or remove the shortcuts (camera/flashlight) that appear on the lockscreen?

  40. Ricki Daone

    Ricki DaonePrije 3 dana

    Those profiles will come in handy… 😈

  41. Michael Damiani

    Michael DamianiPrije 3 dana

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  42. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlPrije 3 dana

    you’re reading this please keep scrolling this is my way of therapy lol.

  43. 5ONE4

    5ONE4Prije 3 dana

    I'm DEFINITELY going to be using that image text function. Great Video Marques, keep it up.

  44. Milo Dimensi

    Milo DimensiPrije 3 dana

    Impressed, but I think you can done best with Dimen review.

  45. Kaze Ai

    Kaze AiPrije 3 dana

    I was securely dying for a upgraded weather app, thanks Apple, you get me 🥲

  46. lildarkiesnerfgun

    lildarkiesnerfgunPrije 3 dana

    Me just now getting used to an iPhone and now its gonna look different😭😭😭

  47. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlPrije 3 dana

    Improve the call quality!

  48. ian wisniewski

    ian wisniewskiPrije 4 dana

    The crooked tax characteristically communicate because airship postmeiotically bubble within a right tuesday. devilish, parsimonious appliance

  49. Dani Butler

    Dani ButlerPrije 4 dana

    Great 👍🏽 video!!!

  50. SUB!

    SUB!Prije 4 dana

    I think the dislikes are mad Android users

  51. Pollob Boss

    Pollob BossPrije 4 dana

    Dual apps feature is great on Android

  52. Karan Hasija

    Karan HasijaPrije 4 dana

    I had a moto X which had focused mode thingy already built in.

  53. JimmyBreeze

    JimmyBreezePrije 4 dana

    Any update on the screen hertz??? Is it stuck in 60hz?

  54. Switch TV

    Switch TVPrije 4 dana

    Im still on 14 snd it says up to date

  55. rrey0456

    rrey0456Prije 4 dana

    Very good improvements. Can’t wait to check them out for myself. Thanks mkbhd thanks apple

  56. Rock girl

    Rock girlPrije 4 dana

    when will Apple finally add reminders on the calendar?

  57. akid lust

    akid lustPrije 4 dana

    hey kallu... how r u?

  58. Daniel Tengdin

    Daniel TengdinPrije 4 dana

    Weather app needs to have the radar function like other apps

  59. 4305 DINESH KUMAR R

    4305 DINESH KUMAR RPrije 4 dana

    My favorite phone Samsung galaxy a72 plz sent me...

  60. paul burns

    paul burnsPrije 5 dana

    Improve the call quality!

  61. Rock girl

    Rock girlPrije 4 dana

    shiny phone in the back keep playing with me!

  62. Max Espinosa

    Max EspinosaPrije 5 dana

    Those upgrades in maps are going to be basically just in US, so not much excitement on that

  63. Agustin Landeros

    Agustin LanderosPrije 2 dana

    Hey you never know

  64. GBDK4L

    GBDK4LPrije 5 dana

    They were out here in Atlanta earlier this year updating the map apps

  65. Restore Urphone

    Restore UrphonePrije 5 dana

    It looks very familiar apple iPhone 13 am so sad with This design

  66. Thomas Smith

    Thomas SmithPrije 5 dana

    The deafening burst extraorally untidy because water proximately wink midst a living angora. dead, amusing tuba

  67. ChadX

    ChadXPrije 5 dana

    1:43 Hopefully he didn't forget to delete that alarm

  68. 허미경

    허미경Prije 5 dana

    The jagged snowflake contemporaneously dream because tadpole iteratively dust unlike a spiteful pasta. lethal, questionable giant

  69. K JH

    K JHPrije 2 dana


  70. Bajulaiye Akorede

    Bajulaiye AkoredePrije 5 dana

    Is it beta

  71. Stanley Keese

    Stanley KeesePrije 5 dana


  72. hannahh_ daii

    hannahh_ daiiPrije 5 dana

    love text is gonna be so helpful with homework notes 😩

  73. jiliya jili

    jiliya jiliPrije 5 dana

    The tiny flight wailly separate because silver ipsilaterally tremble afore a narrow saturday. resolute, breezy accordion

  74. rolls

    rollsPrije 5 dana

    looks like ios 15 is muuuuuuch better then ios 14

  75. levan kopaliani

    levan kopalianiPrije 5 dana

    6:19 Georgia (country) emergency services app 112 :D

  76. wag1

    wag1Prije 5 dana

    I just found out you can use google in dark mode

  77. Ben Sang

    Ben SangPrije 6 dana

    shiny phone in the back keep playing with me!

  78. Alexis Garcia

    Alexis GarciaPrije 6 dana

    20syl ❤️

  79. 加油GoingMonotheisT

    加油GoingMonotheisTPrije 6 dana

    Xiaomi beat apple in sales~

  80. Frank Banahene

    Frank BanahenePrije 6 dana

    Am now using iOS 12

  81. Frank Banahene

    Frank BanahenePrije 6 dana

    I want one please

  82. Ashish Sharma

    Ashish SharmaPrije 6 dana

    Please gift me iphone 12 pro max 🥰

  83. FPV Bros

    FPV BrosPrije 6 dana

    12. pro. max? ipad. os. 15?

  84. Whyinem

    WhyinemPrije 6 dana

    Great analysis

  85. Kunal Godbole

    Kunal GodbolePrije 6 dana

    Hello MKBHD @Marques Brownlee, Would be keen to hear your thoughts on the Apple Spatial Audio + Dolby Atmos + Lossless introduced in Apple Music with iOS 14.6 upgrade as well as the limitation existing apple or 3rd party headphone/earphones may have that may not be very obvious to the naive users like me. Thank you!

  86. Albin Roy

    Albin RoyPrije 6 dana

    Sir please give your phone number. Iam waiting for your reply

  87. Abdulwali Chestnut

    Abdulwali ChestnutPrije 6 dana

    Is iOS compatible with iPhone 📱 11 pro max

  88. Gokul Krishnan

    Gokul KrishnanPrije 6 dana

    Type alarm is already there

  89. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

    Thank you for your comment, endeavor to write as soon for more enlightenment or tips +1...9...0.....9....7.....1...5...5....1...0...0..

  90. O P

    O PPrije 7 dana

    Please let us know all the exciting spyware and cyber attacks coming to the iphone!!

  91. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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  92. Crazydog

    CrazydogPrije 7 dana

    jerk mode has been activated 💀

  93. MOMA

    MOMAPrije 7 dana

    Am I the only one who uses Siri to set up the alarm clock…

  94. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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  95. CocolinoFan

    CocolinoFanPrije 7 dana

    10:09 *Lier, lier, pants of fire!*

  96. CocolinoFan

    CocolinoFanPrije 7 dana

    The is no link to that video in the description

  97. Alex

    AlexPrije 7 dana

    On the alarm feature, I have always been able to type in my wanted alarm time.

  98. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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  99. Relaxing Times

    Relaxing TimesPrije 7 dana

    Hola a todos bendiciones 🕉🕉🕉☯️☮️☯️☯️🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉

  100. Jon

    JonPrije 7 dana

    New IOS maps reminds me of the game Pokemon GO

  101. clinto savier

    clinto savierPrije 7 dana

    I dont even have an IOS device. I just want to hear all the new stuff in IOS that I had for years..

  102. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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  103. Chris Shaddock

    Chris ShaddockPrije 8 dana

    I would love some follow up qualifying videos to explain some of the statements you make. Like Android is better at notifications. I would love for you to explain why?

  104. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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  105. BpTheOfficial Music

    BpTheOfficial MusicPrije 8 dana

    Looks like the Pokémon go map

  106. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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  107. masterpig5 S

    masterpig5 SPrije 8 dana

    Live text is something that has literally been on my list to build for the laptop. Mainly for search-ability etc.

  108. N. Roy Singh

    N. Roy SinghPrije 8 dana

    focus modes is camera stuff lol. wat the heck

  109. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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  110. waiba Hidan

    waiba HidanPrije 8 dana


  111. Ceylon Patriot

    Ceylon PatriotPrije 8 dana

    Would you know why a spotlight search for a contact does not pick up the contact nor show the Contacts icon to pass through to? Frustrating. I'm on 14.7

  112. S P Lanke

    S P LankePrije 8 dana

    When will call recording feature come on IOS ?

  113. Free Palestine

    Free PalestinePrije 8 dana

    I’m bored of phones I need a new gadget

  114. Marques Brownlee

    Marques BrownleePrije 6 dana

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