Windows 11 Reactions: It Runs Android Apps! (Kinda)

Windows 11 is official and it is... very glassy.

Joanna Stern's WSJ piece:

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Intro Track: Windows 11 Startup Sound
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  1. Kevin Carr

    Kevin CarrPrije 2 sati

    Wtf.... I thought windows 10 was gonna stay their only system and just keep getting updates....

  2. Levi Wipf

    Levi WipfPrije 7 sati

    It’s amazing how similar it is to a Mac. Unique in its own way with the difference being trying to be different. Download the hybrid windows and macOS. Only problem is u have neither. Pros and cons no doubt, but until they create something new and noteworthy…. Like ground up new look, functionality , and ease of use, I shall choose to use Apple.

  3. Franklin E Cook

    Franklin E CookPrije 13 sati

    I would like to link Google Play Store instead Amazon to keep Microsoft with same apps from my phone

  4. only the dead have no restrictions

    only the dead have no restrictionsPrije 16 sati

    Many people should be aware that online banking demands you have a clean pc or device to use it with in the first place. If that's not the case and something happens you are on your own. i don't even use online banking with my phone because of the intrusive apps who demand access to basically everything they don't need to be able to function, yest you have to agree or it wont work. Now that's the same with windows 11, try to get rid edge uninstall it, like anything else to find out next day it's all back, like edge don't use got rid of it and bam it's back in your face. Installed it self without warning or popups, you have no choice when you install windows 11 you have no control over your own pc, you have lost the battle for privacy and control of your personaly owned devices!!

  5. loganraj

    loganrajPrije 22 sati

    ok can AMD run the android app??

  6. Baloon Barbies

    Baloon BarbiesPrije dan

    came here after getting my windows 11

  7. PARKS-P

    PARKS-PPrije dan

    bluestacks is really gonna have a hard time trust me

  8. ovo

    ovoPrije dan

    i cant believe i can move it to the left *left shall always be the home of my search bar/apps*

  9. Dominik Křístek

    Dominik KřístekPrije dan

    0:22 eh.. Win 10 was pain in the ass as well.

  10. Faizur Rehman

    Faizur RehmanPrije dan

    Even I can see upcoming window 12 logo behind mkbhd, which is looking 👍

  11. Simunji .a

    Simunji .aPrije dan

    Looks Microsoft is moving away from productivity to entertainment based products. XP and windows 7 very productive in the office and efficient. No need to cluster OS with 'junk features'. i believe an office tool must be modeled to help us do work with fewer clicks.

  12. Mortecha

    MortechaPrije 2 dana

    They bought Skype for 8.5B, but they are pushing Teams for W11. I suspect Teams uses a lot of Skype's functionality under the hood so the acquisition was more of a technology grab, I've always thought of Teams as being more business related too so it's a bit strange to see the family oriented aspect of it. It's weird to think of communication with family as Teams oriented. Regardless Telegram and WhatsApp seem more natural for this. Regarding the Android apps, instead of going through Amazon, they should of just bit the bullet and worked directly with Google.

  13. Rozaline Nelhams

    Rozaline NelhamsPrije 2 dana

    it took me ages to get used to windows 10. going to be fun getting used to windows 11.

  14. Muneer Faizal

    Muneer FaizalPrije 2 dana

    if Microsoft had integrated MS Teams and Skype together and form a single app with the essence of both the platforms it would look dope in my humble opinion

  15. Faizan Khan

    Faizan KhanPrije 2 dana

    Mannnn, android apps with windows power would be a match made in heaven.

  16. FJ gamer

    FJ gamerPrije 3 dana

    Bro I have asus tuf gaming laptop with AMD ryzen 9 4900 and rtx 2060 . Will it (Windows 11) work my laptop?.. Will the app and games from windows 10 works in windows 11? Is it worth to update from Windows 10.


    TRUE ARMYPrije 3 dana

    Windows vista was the greatest of that time. It was the first window to offer Window Aero (transparency). The people who already had xp hated vista becoz of their jeleousy that they bought xp

  18. Dutchcaveman

    DutchcavemanPrije 3 dana

    I reinstalled Windows 10, I liked the 11 preview. Though it was a bit of a pain with the context menu, like at this moment it ain't customisable. Also some things don't seem to function correctly yet without internet, for example searching in the start menu. And searching in control panel, is never finding anything I look for. Besides that somethings don't really seem to work, and somethings not in the way I expected. I really like how the os can be set in dark mode. Will give it an try again when the final version will be available, but for now I'll pass.

  19. Christian Diaz

    Christian DiazPrije 4 dana

    You lost me at Amazon

  20. Max Hughes Gray

    Max Hughes GrayPrije 4 dana

    Windows 11 looks really good honestly I've had it for a few weeks now and it runs great! Although there haven't been that many noticable differences between it and windows 10.

  21. Max Hughes Gray

    Max Hughes GrayPrije 4 dana

    Microsoft are sort of competing against themselves with Teams and Skype.

  22. alysdexia

    alysdexiaPrije 4 dana

    Great isn't good; you mean _well._ describe -> relate; little bit: pick one; not nice < niais < nescius := not-skilled but you; will -> shall; a handset _is_ a computer, if not a desktop. There are no current PCs as they died with Win 9x; WinNT is Wintel is DT. Not [you] guys, you gaf.

  23. SupersaneX_x

    SupersaneX_xPrije 4 dana

    Were da f*ck is windows 9

  24. Amit Sapkota

    Amit SapkotaPrije 4 dana

    I watched your video in Nebula bro and little things that people may or may not find, you still do it. The little windows light at the back is absolutely fantastic, discovered only after a few minutes.

  25. MalTheCPA

    MalTheCPAPrije 4 dana

    Windows 10 is legit so hopefully this is just an improved version

  26. E Rodriguez

    E RodriguezPrije 4 dana

    They really did skip 9 huh

  27. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  28. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  29. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  30. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  31. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  32. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  33. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  34. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  35. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  36. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  37. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  38. crazy tech

    crazy techPrije 4 dana


  39. Tuggle Miles

    Tuggle MilesPrije 5 dana

    I LOVE WINDOWS 11. I've had it for months.

  40. Sumisukyo

    SumisukyoPrije 5 dana

    I love this new look for windows and the fact it can run android apps is exactly why I bought a windows surface... Except. Why. just WHY, did they make it so my brand new surface can't install windows 11.

  41. FluorescentVoid

    FluorescentVoidPrije 2 dana

    windows 11 isnt out yet. this is the "teaser".

  42. yash sonone

    yash sononePrije 5 dana

    android apps comes to widows, android emulator gamers on windows: "its our time to shine"

  43. John Eonas

    John EonasPrije 5 dana

    Im sure Bill can afford to buy me a new laptop with windows 11

  44. Fauzi Jaafar

    Fauzi JaafarPrije 5 dana

    How to bring a loving apks to windows... Instead windows 11 we cant using at all.... Useless... If = in your dreams can istall.... It

  45. Aditya Thakur

    Aditya ThakurPrije 5 dana


  46. Cináed

    CináedPrije 6 dana

    Wonder how app syncing from android phone to windows amazon store would work here. Probably just app login right?

  47. Patrick Wingert

    Patrick WingertPrije 6 dana

    Coming for the holiday season, eh? More like coming pre-installed on computers, Intel hopes you will buy for Christmas. The actual update for those small number of users (The 4%) won't be available til;l February or March. Skip Windows 11. Don't buy a new PC if you can't meet the requirements. Boycott the blatant attempt to get Billion PCs scrapped and replaced.

  48. Patrick Wingert

    Patrick WingertPrije 6 dana

    Let's see 96% of all PCs on the planet cannot meet the security requirements of windows 11. That's about a billion machines out of the 1.36 billion machines on the planet. I own 11 of those machines. The place I work has four hundred of those machines. So I am telling people to ignore windows eleven. Don't buy a new PC to run it. It is another Microsoft failure that will be obsolete before it gets 5% she of the OS survey.

  49. יהודה רומנו

    יהודה רומנוPrije 6 dana

    forgot windows 8.1...

  50. 3asmNet

    3asmNetPrije 6 dana

    Hey Windows team, Please make the search algorithm fast in File Explorer.

  51. Oscar Coello

    Oscar CoelloPrije 5 dana

    It's pretty fast, if you use a SSD obviously

  52. Alyssa Villarreal

    Alyssa VillarrealPrije 6 dana

    The discreet recorder consquentially bake because mandolin dfly sigh despite a wet vacuum. mundane, unarmed voyage

  53. Karthig1987

    Karthig1987Prije 6 dana

    I guess i shall wait and see. Someday i want my phone to just work on my computer. I dunno if people get what i mean by that.

  54. Diego Martin

    Diego MartinPrije 6 dana

    Nice video. But you have an error making the count of the Good-Bad cycle. You missed 2 things, , 8.1 is different from windows 8, and windows 10. Windows 8.1 liked to the users a lot more than Windows 10 and 8. The compataibility and stability, and security demandings of Windows 8.1 made it the closest to the universal usability of Windows 7. so,. (.1 is the good, and 10, as general opinions is a shit. So now, The cycle continues

  55. B P

    B PPrije 7 dana

    Android on windows... might be nice to have the sync of data from phone on my PC if I want to use it.



    NO, you can not download apk file in windows 11. may be in new update its possible. but till now you can not download directly apk in windows 11.

  57. Sarim Malik

    Sarim MalikPrije 7 dana

    You are a bad youtuber

  58. puteriaemy indrawan

    puteriaemy indrawanPrije 8 dana

    Yr channel is awesome !!!!

  59. BJ Nicholls

    BJ NichollsPrije 8 dana

    Maybe my Yoga's touch screen will work again under Win11 and I won't have Windows Ink fight with my Wacom tablet on my workstation. I disliked the glassy interface before, and prefer a flat UI. I hate the recently minimalized scrollbars and it looks that that annoyance lives on. I don't see anything very interesting here, so I'll hope for better HID handling under the hood.

  60. Anna Son

    Anna SonPrije 8 dana

    Love the shadow window background and his T-shirt...incorporating the flips into his logo is absolutely amazing!

  61. Shashank Puttappanavar

    Shashank PuttappanavarPrije 8 dana

    I'd definitely like to use WhatsApp natively on the PC. That web version sucks cause it needs a phone to access the data. Yuck!!

  62. Indian Kid

    Indian KidPrije 8 dana

    Windows 11 : with Android apps Bluestacks : I need to pack up! :-(

  63. ItzYallo

    ItzYalloPrije 8 dana

    Ig im gonna buy a new lap

  64. Rajiv Jadhav

    Rajiv JadhavPrije 8 dana

    Love the fact that android apps now run on desktop since it's easier to edit & then post images/videos on desktop than from mobile. So now posting to IG, Facebook, etc. will be a lot easier. That said, i wonder if apps like TikTok, IG on windows will have all the features of the mobile versions for native posting when turning on the webcam 🤔 I'm jumping with joy at all the possibility now! 🤸🤸🏄🏂

  65. Mark Cooke

    Mark CookePrije 9 dana

    Teams is what would happen if Zoom and Discord got married. Just wish it wasn't such a memory hog!

  66. Lemon K

    Lemon KPrije 9 dana

    I def feel a certain way about the fact that you need to sign into Amazon. As if Amazon, Facebook, and windows don't already sell your activity enough already

  67. V. A

    V. APrije 9 dana

    Mut e ki bo / could you not find an other app than tiktok

  68. S J

    S JPrije 9 dana

    there are a few bugs in win11 which i hope they fix

  69. S J

    S JPrije 9 dana

    i think he did this vid because win11 has a mac feel to it the theme and apps everything ....since he say hes more of a mac guy lol

  70. Sam Bagheri

    Sam BagheriPrije 9 dana

    microsoft teams is definitely a thing here in sweden. not sure why though, there is always some bugs here and there after using it for almost 3 yrs now, still not bug free

  71. Gamingify 2.0

    Gamingify 2.0Prije 9 dana

    I just have a question: Will the premium apps be free if you have an Amazon Prime Account?

  72. Brent Smithline

    Brent SmithlinePrije 10 dana

    Sorry hate when things get changed, and for the most part the only reason they get changed is so design engineers can keep their jobs. Sorry I was happy with Windows 2000 NT GUI. I could control, and create folders for applications, and data. I would not have a problem if everything was intuitive. Will have to wait and see.

  73. Gamersh Hub

    Gamersh HubPrije 10 dana


  74. C A

    C APrije 10 dana

    This sounds so janky because when you use a Chromebook Play Store apps suck. So now behold - you get a 3rd party experience of that… Why don’t they just make an OS with smooth performance that doesn’t crap up for no reason.

  75. Noble Paul

    Noble PaulPrije 10 dana

    That’s literally a carbon copy of Mac OS 😐 Home Screen, functionality and all.

  76. Gawayne Dunn

    Gawayne DunnPrije 10 dana

    i'm watching this on windows 11

  77. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnusPrije 11 dana

    He-Yes, Windows is now OS X (but Apple's is already on MacOS) :-)

  78. End Qualified Immunity

    End Qualified ImmunityPrije 11 dana

    The Windows 11 backgrounds take me back to PS3

  79. Kaham Rider

    Kaham RiderPrije 11 dana

    You are black but cute

  80. MaDQuila

    MaDQuilaPrije 11 dana

    So im able to play Call of Duty Mobile on my PC without using Emulator? cool.

  81. Alex

    AlexPrije 12 dana

    Been running for a bit now. Not one crash, not one compatibility issue. Speedy, pretty slick and beautiful looking. Games run great as do productivity apps run fine.

  82. Don Omar Ramiro

    Don Omar RamiroPrije 12 dana

    Im currently testing it in a netbook BGH Schoolmate 18SF20PA2 and noticed and dont have that store and neither the link to the Amazon one.... I guess i dont have the complete Windows 11...

  83. Manfred Elsing

    Manfred ElsingPrije 12 dana

    i see this on Linux Mint,my daily driver.Only for CUBASE in need win 10; how its now i dont know!??!Thx for your video;rich as ever!

  84. top music edition zf

    top music edition zfPrije 12 dana

    The windows 11 look like a chromebook

  85. Ian Buck

    Ian BuckPrije 12 dana

    If these Android apps are being populated from the Amazon App Store, I take it that means that Google's apps won't be available? For example, I use Google Play Books to manage my ebook collection. If I can't install that, then this isn't very useful. Can we sideload apps from an APK?

  86. Khudoyor Rakhmatov

    Khudoyor RakhmatovPrije 12 dana

    If native apps work smoothly, then android emulators like BlueStacks will see their demise soon.

  87. alysdexia

    alysdexiaPrije 4 dana


  88. Samuel Romero Rodríguez

    Samuel Romero RodríguezPrije 12 dana

    Everyone: Android apps? Ok its nice i guess not sure why whould I use an android app on my pc anyways... People who wanted a surface (or any other 2 in 1 device): 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  89. Eunice Rongo

    Eunice RongoPrije 13 dana

    tku - I was apprehensive about windows 11, due to some difficulties I had with old vs new. Furthermore, I do like the idea of moving into windows 11, now that you have told me about the good, the down-side and the side deals with Amazon and Microsoft etc. Subsequently, I do like the idea that it's going to house some android apps (like tik tok) which could be good. Re: Microsoft teams, I am a student at university, we use ZOOM in Australia, New Zealand etc 100% for uni, school, high-school, meetings, chit-chats with families etc, etc - therefore, Microsoft teams in my opinion may have difficulty converting us students at all levels and our families and friends into 'teams'. Tks for your great videos, you really help a beginner like me understand more about computers and their software. tku! :) :)

  90. KingChrisPlayz

    KingChrisPlayzPrije 13 dana

    Teams is so bad... gaving to use it for school cause covid its si buggy ans multiple different reasons I'll rather use skype over teams

  91. sleep creeps

    sleep creepsPrije 13 dana

    Kinda looks like macOS big sur to me

  92. Drek1876

    Drek1876Prije 13 dana

    Nothing is ever free, if it is, you're the product.

  93. C A

    C APrije 10 dana

    I’d rather that then have to pay for a bunch of stuff. Because if there was a marketplace for personal data - most people’s would be worth like $20 a year.

  94. Ajith Jubro

    Ajith JubroPrije 13 dana

    Appreciate that windows on the background! Cute but perfect.. 🪟

  95. Bradley

    BradleyPrije 13 dana

    I have a Mac that dual boots with windows on another partition. How do you turn on TPM? It tells me that it's disabled. I guess since it's a Mac it wouldn't have a bias

  96. Sagar Ranga

    Sagar RangaPrije 13 dana

    if this keep happening , bill will end up broke

  97. TechCentral

    TechCentralPrije 13 dana

    What issues no one is saying, 1) You are unable to drag files from one app to another through taskbar 2) You are unable to see the files inside of folder in large thumb mode.

  98. 69MindOverMatter69

    69MindOverMatter69Prije 13 dana

    windows 10 was announced by microsoft to be the LAST version of the OS... but... you know...there are SCAMMERS in this world that REALLY NEED YOUR HARD EARNED CASH !!!

  99. Dark Mimzy

    Dark MimzyPrije 13 dana

    ofc its gonna be "good", its UI is so dumbed down that its almost idiot proof. but it also lowers productivity and customization


    RAMARUMO TPrije 13 dana

    Rest In Peace BLUESTACKS

  101. Enlightened Learner

    Enlightened LearnerPrije 13 dana

    Microsoft: When you don't dig any cool new idea at all, just copy Mac.

  102. karlo88

    karlo88Prije 14 dana

    Android-kinda-on-Windows. Seems like the inverse of Windows-kinda-on-RT. But, should be way better, since the Android store, unlike the Microsoft store, will have all the apps we want, and it will be a full-blown Windows that can run everything-Windows. As for the experience and value, I am extremely hopeful. I use a Surface Go as my Windows laptop. I would love to be able to use it as an all-out Android device when in tablet mode and as an all-out Windows PC when in laptop mode. And, I hope that anything I do in Office in one mode syncs with the other mode - and I don’t mean syncing a file, I mean also sync my activity. How about on a desktop? I can’t fathom using mobile apps from a keyboard. But, if Android for Windows takes off, I can very will imagine hardcore Windows applications developers creating Android apps that mesh with their Windows desktop software, Android apps used in tablet mode, on a Surface.

  103. Pranay Chaturvedi

    Pranay ChaturvediPrije 14 dana

    Finally Windows becoming what I always wanted, with a right device this will be perfect for me

  104. Richard M

    Richard MPrije 14 dana

    I read and watch that windows 11 is just a customised windows 10 skin with the same windows 10 coding