The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

Plug it in TWICE. The Legion Duel 2 is unapologetically gamer.

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Phone provided by Lenovo for review.



  1. Chocolate

    ChocolatePrije 4 sati

    I can't wait to play subway on it

  2. Hannah Reyome [They-them]

    Hannah Reyome [They-them]Prije 11 sati

    I would most likely get a gaming phone to play SAS: Zombie Assault 4 on it and PUBG Mobile. Currently am waiting on the new Blackberry though.

  3. Noctifer Rex

    Noctifer RexPrije 13 sati

    Bought the duel 1 just to play genshin impact


    DARSHIL JAINPrije 14 sati

    I play codm 2 hours a day on my 150dollar phone with 4 gb ram and an underwhelming processor i want to stream my gameplay because i am pretfy good at the game but my device hust starts lagging when i turn the recorder... I really want a gaming centric phone but i cant afford it....

  5. Vincent Raphael Vitto

    Vincent Raphael VittoPrije 15 sati

    These are the games that I played. Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Call of Duty Mobile, Rules of Survival, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale

  6. Avicii is my god

    Avicii is my godPrije dan


  7. happyfly1000

    happyfly1000Prije dan

    Now am i able to buy this phone right now?

  8. Pranav Rithil.S

    Pranav Rithil.SPrije dan

    Loved the intro lol 👌

  9. tubamacmac

    tubamacmacPrije 2 dana

    Honestly, the main reason I'm looking at gaming phones these days is because they are some of the few phones that still have decent specs and a HEADPHONE JACK! I'm an audio engineer, I need a headphone jack!!! But I also want my phone to last me 2-4 years, and so I need the best specs I can get to last that long.

  10. A. Kishor

    A. KishorPrije 3 dana

    Laughs in ROG phone 5.

  11. Goku D

    Goku DPrije 3 dana

    I've just realised the logo at the back of the phone it almost looks like a Mercedes Benz logo LOL

  12. Rudy jhon Dimasuhid

    Rudy jhon DimasuhidPrije 3 dana

    Here we go again, watching a gaming phone i can't afford

  13. Kurt Ohlson

    Kurt OhlsonPrije 3 dana

    PUBG- would definitely buy that phone

  14. Mosa Kaliem

    Mosa KaliemPrije 3 dana

    Iam jealous with every one who has good gaming phone

  15. Mosa Kaliem

    Mosa KaliemPrije 2 dana

    @Jeno🈲 bro the more fps is high the more game is going smooth and having high fps can spot enemies more quicker than low fps

  16. Jeno🈲

    Jeno🈲Prije 2 dana

    Bro,what is the importance of FPS?

  17. Mosa Kaliem

    Mosa KaliemPrije 3 dana

    Me playing pubg with 20 fps

  18. Enrique Fuentebella

    Enrique FuentebellaPrije 3 dana

    It'd be nice to play Genshin Impact on the go, since I don't really consider it a game I would play for hours on end.

  19. Jay Porwal

    Jay PorwalPrije 4 dana

    I play Bgmi

  20. Demetrius Johnson

    Demetrius JohnsonPrije 4 dana

    I would use this gaming phone as a business phone....

  21. will makes random videos

    will makes random videosPrije 4 dana

    But is it more durable than my iPhone 7

  22. jacky ho

    jacky hoPrije 4 dana

    83% its low 😄 you are joking bro

  23. Hec.

    Hec.Prije 4 dana

    Buying this phone to play *Geometry Dash* at 144hz?

  24. Norwin Mamolo

    Norwin MamoloPrije 4 dana

    I play pubg. at a low frame device hahaha.

  25. Jored

    JoredPrije 4 dana

    "unapologetically gamer"

  26. Monkey King

    Monkey KingPrije 5 dana

    You can try playing Genshin Impact. It's easy to play and the most (demanding) graphic intensive mobile game.

  27. Harry Singh

    Harry SinghPrije 5 dana

    Mobile internet does not work on this phone in canada .I Have Fido and it does not work .I have worked with Fido and tried to add manual APN and it does not work

  28. Javoughn Plenty

    Javoughn PlentyPrije 5 dana

    This phone will make me overpowered in pubg

  29. Male Aloy

    Male AloyPrije 5 dana

    this must be a masterpiece for emulation!


    GAME ZONEPrije 5 dana

    Cant wait to play COD with this phone


    GAME ZONEPrije 5 dana

    So what's the name of the Lenovo gaming phone

  32. Chris Lariosa

    Chris LariosaPrije 6 dana

    Genshin impact makes my phone like a Sun.

  33. Pranesh D

    Pranesh DPrije 6 dana

    It's 83% is it still low

  34. Joseph Harkin

    Joseph HarkinPrije 6 dana

    As strange as it may sound, I ordered this phone just because of the landscape build nature of its design, maybe something lenovo is missing out on, but if they made another version of this without the gamer gimmicks it would be an awesome business phone for someone like me always on the move and having my conferences in sometimes unconventional places

  35. uche ekpo

    uche ekpoPrije 6 dana

    I have been watching your videos and I like the honest way you describe devices and from this video I think I will buy this device.

  36. Šhæÿdë Šhįńóbô

    Šhæÿdë ŠhįńóbôPrije 6 dana

    The touch sampling rate of this which is 700hz readily accepts actions at 1.38ms while rog 5 readily accepts actions at 3.25 ms.This would be beneficial if you're a reaction time prodigy or performing multiple actions at the same time.I would still pick rog 5 over this knowing that its weaker, but I like the design of rog compared to legion.Legions pop up camera and huge bump at the back with a fan hole which is prone to drops of water is one of the reasons I don't like it.Performance wise legion beats rog at a difference of 1 fps and 30 points in rendering that was done by linus techtips and a genshin impact test though the fps part was at a 0.5 difference I think.When it comes to gaming phone this two dominates and maybe legion even dominates it.Hope to see you're opinions on the phones if you bought it or thoughts about it.

  37. Philip Albert Ocampo

    Philip Albert OcampoPrije 7 dana

    83% battery low? come on

  38. John Shaw Docherty

    John Shaw DochertyPrije 7 dana

    Yes for cod mobile

  39. Akheem Alexis

    Akheem AlexisPrije 8 dana

    Bruh all I need in a phone is to play games like a beast. Don't care about nothing else really. I guess a good camera would be nice too.

  40. nejoh

    nejohPrije 8 dana

    Expensive phone for poor gamers.

  41. Alfred O'Rourke

    Alfred O'RourkePrije 8 dana

    Albion online I'm actually curious on how well this phone can handle that game

  42. [NGC] Dozer

    [NGC] DozerPrije 8 dana

    Low battery and its 83% ????????????????

  43. Andy Martinez

    Andy MartinezPrije 8 dana

    I primarily play Call of Duty: Mobile but I use an iPad pro 11 inch

  44. Pratham Jain

    Pratham JainPrije 9 dana

    The battery was on 83% percent and he said the battery is low 🤣

  45. N cov

    N covPrije 9 dana

    Battery is low 83percent haha

  46. מיכאל אסטנבולי

    מיכאל אסטנבוליPrije 9 dana

    "hey what's up, mkbhd and the second mkbhd here..."

  47. Prabin Magar

    Prabin MagarPrije 9 dana

    Never say again if you want to tailor a phone specific for gamiing.. Gaming phone is some pones dream😂😂..

  48. Bhavik Khushalani

    Bhavik KhushalaniPrije 9 dana

    battery is not low it is 83 %

  49. UaNamanit

    UaNamanitPrije 10 dana

    Battery is low.battery in 83 percentage : am i joke to you ?

  50. Kc VanWormer

    Kc VanWormerPrije 10 dana

    Well definitely CODM the triggers would be so helpful you have no idea lol. The only thing it’s lacking is duel joysticks for turning and moving.

  51. frst.

    frst.Prije 10 dana

    can't wait to play mobile games like they are displayed in the ads

  52. Ultras

    UltrasPrije 10 dana

    Will it work In the US?

  53. suzit sharma

    suzit sharmaPrije 10 dana

    plz make another video comparing with another flagship phone Asus ROG phone 5 ..

  54. lwazimnguni

    lwazimnguniPrije 10 dana

    Pubg boiiiiii

  55. Argel kenneth Cruz

    Argel kenneth CruzPrije 11 dana

    Currently using this phone and very satisfied, user friendly and very easy to use

  56. James

    JamesPrije 9 dana

    Thanks for this comment. I've been thinking about purchasing this for awhile, but wanted to see what people thought after released to the public but nobody's talked about it since.

  57. CWT Jahlani

    CWT JahlaniPrije 11 dana

    Pubg mobile

  58. Michael Osei-Owusu

    Michael Osei-OwusuPrije 11 dana

    That intro!👍

  59. xxray10den7lasertune xx

    xxray10den7lasertune xxPrije 11 dana

    Pubg mobile lol is why i want this OP phone


    LAZYGUNPrije 12 dana

    The main question in here is does this “gaming smartphone” have a headphone port?

  61. Arnab Raha

    Arnab RahaPrije 12 dana

    🤔, really something to have, wish gonna be a day...

  62. Daryl Lackey

    Daryl LackeyPrije 12 dana

    @12:36 yes, being a "phone" was not at the forefront of my decision when I purchased my last phone (Red Magic 3S). The RM3s elevated my game play so much I'm looking at my next phone to take it up a level (legion 2 for example with it's 4 touch zones). The RM3S was also my first Android phone and so the price was great ($499) for me to try a gaming phone _and_ try an Android phone. 2 years and it's been a great experience and glad I made the switch on both fronts. Now trying to decide if I want to replace it with a RM6 or wait until December for the next release (if the release dates are to be trusted). Oh, PUBG mobile ftw.

  63. Zetsubou

    ZetsubouPrije 13 dana

    Asphalt 9 is intensive ? Bruh 🤡

  64. MeRLiNsBarT

    MeRLiNsBarTPrije 13 dana

    Ah the perfect phone to read Mangas on.

  65. ron_plays

    ron_playsPrije 13 dana

    great review man. I personally dont care much about photos or other stuffs when it comes to a gaming phone so hell yeah im up for it. I play King of Fighters All Star

  66. Abraham Majila

    Abraham MajilaPrije 13 dana

    how do you/how does he make it look like theres two of him?

  67. the boss

    the bossPrije 13 dana

    This is basically a handheld

  68. Doppel

    DoppelPrije 15 dana

    Can you please make a comparison of an everyday phone (e.g iPhone 12) vs a gaming phone? Because the way I see it, (in the case of the ROG phone 5), you're paying almost the same price for an iPhone 12 pro ($1699AUD) but getting better battery, touch sampling, higher refresh rate, and the advantages of the map-able buttons TL;DR - is a gaming phone a better buy than a normal phone as it has more advantages (frame rate, battery, etc)

  69. Philips Future

    Philips FuturePrije 15 dana

    I would buy a gaming phone and this Lenovo Legion Duel 2 is just the right one (My dream gaming phone). physical Fan ☑️, Aesthetics ☑️, Performance ☑️

  70. tatenda Chirongoma

    tatenda ChirongomaPrije 15 dana

    Am sure this is the best phone to play pubg mobile on because thats the game i play and it really needs a hard core device such as this one.. i would happily buy it if i had money 😅

  71. king of love

    king of lovePrije 15 dana

    What about a case

  72. Yagya Emeraan

    Yagya EmeraanPrije 16 dana

    I would like to try this phone on Call of Duty Mobile. My phone is lagging too much :(

  73. Hiramoni Choudhury

    Hiramoni ChoudhuryPrije 16 dana


  74. Alberto Quintana

    Alberto QuintanaPrije 17 dana

    Is this phone compatible with the 5g bands of TMobile?


    SHAFIQ DANISHPrije 17 dana

    This fon is amazing, I need it

  76. Hi.Bits

    Hi.BitsPrije 17 dana

    Idk, but I'm always expecting power apps for powerful phones, like a complete video editor (davinci resolve mobile, premiere pro), or design apps like apple one on iPad Pro tablets. It's a shame that "power" on Android phones are only intended for games, and not other appliances 😔

  77. Thando Mhlambiso

    Thando MhlambisoPrije 17 dana

    cant wait to play cod

  78. Zaenapalnaji Zaenapalnaji

    Zaenapalnaji ZaenapalnajiPrije 17 dana


  79. Diomes

    DiomesPrije 17 dana

    Mobile gamers are losers.

  80. Spooky

    SpookyPrije 17 dana

    It’s not wide enough (like the short ends aren’t long enough)


    SAI GAMINGPrije 18 dana

    Me watching this even my phone is only media teck a22 chipset hope I can afford this😱😱😱

  82. Ese Ukey

    Ese UkeyPrije 18 dana

    Legit. 🙂

  83. Артём

    АртёмPrije 18 dana

    aftermarket cooler or separated cooler(just like rog and blackshark does) would be better, they have bigger fan bigger impact on temp. i got my wish, hope the future smartphone will be able to avoid so much heat w less power component but higher perfomance, its just silly to see myself using a fan to cooldown the old snapdragon 855, heat is bad easily wear down the battery, i know the 888 is much hot.

  84. Manihera Maraki

    Manihera MarakiPrije 18 dana

    There needs to be a tablet version. 🙄

  85. Eva NR

    Eva NRPrije 18 dana

    I wish this phone belongs to me

  86. DeshMetaL YT

    DeshMetaL YTPrije 19 dana


  87. Muthukumar C

    Muthukumar CPrije 19 dana

    When battery is low (83%)

  88. l

    lPrije 19 dana

    I need it for my candy crush

  89. Derrius Goshā

    Derrius GoshāPrije 19 dana

    Darkness Rises for sure

  90. Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber

    Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuberPrije 19 dana

    Yes! i just ordered an ROG phone 5 ultimate! I play a lot of stuff with xcloud, i also play genshin impact, honkai Impact, azur lane, and cod mobile! I spend 9-12 hours a day on my phone so I may as well have a great one!

  91. Mizanur1214

    Mizanur1214Prije 20 dana

    I play games so fucking much..wish I could afford this phone....there are so many I wanna play which don't support on my current shitass phone😩

  92. Friendly Voice

    Friendly VoicePrije 20 dana

    Am answering your i plan on buying a gaming phone...yes.....due to I am tired of seeing everyone with the same or samsung. I like being different and want something that people dont have. Gaming phones usually have props, unique designs etc not to mention being powerhouses. So been watching soooooo many vids on sooooo many phones, still no idea which I want. Whichever I get, will play a little on them but I want it more for the uniqueness and less populated reasons if you can understand. So time will tell which I get :)

  93. D4ilyD0se

    D4ilyD0sePrije 20 dana

    I bought an ASUS ROG 2 not so much for the gaming, but because it was the cheapest way to get a really good phone. I'm not a camera enthusiast. The biggest draw was the bigger screen for movies on plane flights. And I may do the same here. Get a gaming phone for the Snapdragon 888 and high quality cinema capability. I also don't want Samsung or iPhone who basically do everything in their power to make you dependent on them.

  94. YmFormidable

    YmFormidablePrije 20 dana

    A more complete review than the ones I've previously viewed on other channels. Thanks

  95. Reluctant Reader

    Reluctant ReaderPrije 20 dana

    Yes I want one, they are really quality builds and will be fun to play all the great future mobile games.

  96. Cl0Ck W0RK

    Cl0Ck W0RKPrije 21 dan

    Whats the name of the phone?

  97. Dank A

    Dank APrije 20 dana

    Legion duel 2

  98. Dank A

    Dank APrije 21 dan

    But who is this for? The switch is at most. £500

  99. youtubeuserdan

    youtubeuserdanPrije 22 dana

    What kind of lunatic uses their phone while charging?

  100. Tadiwa Phillip Mutandawari

    Tadiwa Phillip MutandawariPrije 22 dana

    Call of duty mobile is the game boss 🤩

  101. Vidroiu Alin

    Vidroiu AlinPrije 22 dana

    Oh, plenty of games out there that can make normal phones struggle. But why we love these phone? Because they stand out! They scream "look at me!" Coolest phone for me, before the era of the smartphones, was the Nokia E90 Communicator (still have it, still works), and eversince I was a sucker for phones that stand out. I don't wanna be like everyone else, because it's boring....

  102. Vidroiu Alin

    Vidroiu AlinPrije 22 dana

    I do have an ROG Phone 3, and wished for the previous Lenovo Legion, but wasn't available in my country, and also Asus is more polished. Saw reviews afterwards, and apparently their first attempt at a gaming phone wasn't that great . But it seems they learned and polished things up. I'm actually thinking to get this one, just to add to my collection, when I'll find it as second hand. Because not changing the ROG Phone 3 this year, and probably the next year either. So Lenovo Legion 5(if they also skip the 4) or the ROG 7 🤣 Wish Lenovo made a twin view dock to theirs

  103. Wallace Souza Silva

    Wallace Souza SilvaPrije 22 dana


  104. Mattias Kiil Mejlvang

    Mattias Kiil MejlvangPrije 22 dana

    I am not going too buy it. But they are cool.

  105. Vicky Siangshai

    Vicky SiangshaiPrije 22 dana

    Hey brother i want this phone .....